Do I get overtime pay?

So I live in Ontario and work in a warehouse. My boss scheduled me to work 9 hours Thursday, 10 hours Friday, and 11 hours on Saturday because I don't have school over Christmas break. My sister told me that you get paid overtime for working more than 8 hours in a day. Is this true?
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no you don't get overtime for working over 8 hours but you should get paid more for working on days you don't usually work
Depends on how your contract reads. If you have no contract, then your employer can and probably will pay whatever minimum that Provence allows..
It should depend on what your contract states. Was it set to hourly or fixed? Read this, (Hourly Wage vs. Salary, Exempt vs. Non-Exempt) .
Find a new goddamn job.
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which ontario ?? california ?? canada ?? other ??

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