Do i have to pay any fee if i sell something on ebay or not?

Well i have heard that if you sell less than 50 items per month you don't have to pay anything, but i don't know if that's true.
If you know tell me please thank you.

Other answer:

there is a posting fee, unless they offer you a trial offer of a freebie
that doesn't mean your stuff will sell but if and when you do there is probably another fee at that time
I have never used eBay so I do not actually know, I simply know that to post anything on these sites will require a fee, they are not in the business to lose money
not true
Elaine M:
It's not true, you pay to show each item, and you pay a fee when you sell anything too. It's all there in their FAQ section for sellers.
yes there is a fee when you sell an item.
You pay a percentage each time you sell. You don't pay if it does not sell.
Godless Gazoo:
They change what they do from time to time. But generally you lose a small percentage since they are collecting the money.

Go read the terms of service for what they are doing now


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