Do I have to pay texas sales tax when a motorcyle is being given to me with a clear title?

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Bee and Linda:
not all states have the same dmv laws, when a relative gives you a vehicle in some states you are not charged the sales tax
in your case if this was not a relative more than likely you will pay the sales tax
Pascal the Gambler:
You may to the state, it depends on which state. Some will charge tax on the book value of the vehicle when you do the title change.
Does Texas have a gift tax? It seems the recipient is under no obligation to pay the gift tax
Andy L:
Who gave it to you and did that person file it as a gift?……
If not filed as an eligible gift, it gets taxed at its value.
When you register the bike, you will have to pay taxes on its assessed value, even if your received it for free.

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