Do insurance companies deny coverage for participating in riots?

I was just looking over my health insurance and I happened to come across a clause about riots but I didn't quite understand what it was talking about.

If someone participates in a riot and they are injured, do health insurance companies tend to deny coverage for the injury?

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Zestfully Clean:
No because of the legality reasons. An insurance contract has to be legal for it to be enforceable in court. So covering in riots or insurgency would be illegal. So it would be illegal to cover for injuries or death. Especially since it's an intentional act to cause harm.
Rick B:
I have not looked at my current policy, but the last insurance I had at my previous job would not cover anything that happened if you were in gaged in committing a crime. I guess that could be a pretty slippery slope because they could refuse to cover injury if you were driving under the influence, trespassing, drinking underage, etc. perhaps your policy is m ore specific to avoid those issues.
Pretty standard to deny coverage for injuries occurred during war, riots, criminal acts, etc.
Yes. Insurance companies do not pay for injuries sustained in illegal acts. Eventually, the hospitals will have to eat these costs
Quite possibly. They can have all sorts of specific clauses like dangerous sports and activities etc they won't cover
Normally if you violate the law, like rioting without permission, you are not covered.
No, because you are breaking laws by looting and rioting.
Casey Y:
Tricky situation, I wouldn't worry to be completely honest.

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