Do you prefer doing work on your own or being in a team?

Best Answer:

Boris: Team when I am clueless. On my own when I am smashing.

Other answer:

Working in a team can make a job more efficient, if they're actually working together. But I prefer to work on my own.
I prefer to work by myself. I end up doing all the work on a team venture.
On my own. Like with teammates too. But spread out like assassins. Gets the job done better. No one has to speak to one a other about anything except for the objective. Silence and noise when most necessary.
Micky Richards:
it depends

is there a lot of creative control in this project?

if i am in a team do i have to do less work?

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My own can't depend on other people sometimes
on my own
Sharon S:
on my own as I can accomplish more