Do you really need to give out a child's immunization record when filing for taxes?

I'm doing my taxes at this new place and they are asking me for many things that I was never asked to do in other places. The one that really confused me was why do they even need a immunization record for ?

Best Answer:

David and Stephanie: Immunization records are not required, but they help prove that the child lives with you. Medical records in general serve this purpose and have been used as proof of residency for many years.

Other answer:

David and Stephanie:
there might be a problem of your eligibility to claim a dependent, the records will show you had it done during the period of time that would be required(6 months) to establish eligibilty
other than that there is no need
Having your child immunized is the law. It could be a way of checking.
no. They will ask if the child has health insurance.
Pascal the Gambler:
No reason they would need it.
Max Hoopla:
IRS does not care about your immunizations.
Wayne Z:
The IRS now wants preparers to have independent 3rd part proof that the children live with the taxpayer. Medical records are one way of providing this proof.