Do you think holding grudges is healthy?

Best Answer:

Haley: Holding grudges may not necessarily be unhealthy, but it can cause stress which can lead to health problems. Think of it this way. You can hold a glass of water for a minute and your arm wouldn't hurt at all, but once you've been holding it for a while, your arm starts to hurt. Instead of holding grudges, just try to get past whatever it was

Other answer:

The problem with holding a grudge against someone is that YOU are the one being harmed – not the other person.

The other person will probably never know what is being done. And since they were not very nice to begin with, serves no purpose.

Kathy S:
Not holding grudges exactly. But keeping a historical log of the facts in your head could be a good idea. Especially if the person who harmed you is unrepentant.
Some of my greatest accomplishments in life have been driven purely by spite. If I didn't hold a grudge, I wouldn't strive to prove to the people who have done me wrong, that they were wrong.
Roger O:
Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can recieve. Holding a grudge is distructive for you.
No one else suffers but you.
It's generally and ultimately unhealthy, and serves no purpose.
Big Mouth:
No. I had an ex who did this once. He was exactly like me though. We had a lot in common.
even though I do it

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