Do you think I could start a retail store bussiness and then go to college for bussence?

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cowfish815: Yes

Other answer:

Probably not because all of your staff and customers will laugh at your inability to spell basic words, like business, and they will probably not have a lot of confidence in and respect for you. If you are really interested in doing much of anything in life, you might start with this thing we called a search engine. You can find just about anything, like, i don t know, "how do i spell business?"
I think you missed some of your education, it is spelled b u s i n e s s, not bussence
if this is any indication of your level of education, you probably need a whole lot more before you venture into any kind of business on your own
Md Shohidul Islam:
Definitely Not
Claim Climate:
Why not?

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