Do you think it's right my boyfriend wants me to pay half the rent?

He has moved into my place where the rent is lower than what he was paying in his own place. I only work part-time & go to school. He works full time & also makes more money hourly.
I just told him to move so I can date & find a real man. There's no way I'm going to pay half the rent when I make way less money. I'm not a roommate; his water has been cut off.

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When you move someone in, you need to have all sorts of agreements about things. You are better not moving a guy in until he decides to marry you…if that is what you are looking for. When you marry your income should just go into a general pot and all is paid for. I think asking you to pay half is sorta fair but what kind of guy does that make him. It isn't about being dependent on the guy but that you live fairly. You're so right, you aren't a roommate. If people on here don't see what you are saying, they are idiots. I agree with y ou for getting rid of him. He was never going to be fair about most things. Never settle for less when you deserve more.
i see in your update you kicked him out… that's probably a good move, this guy is not one i'd want to marry being this unfair… look at this as a good thing, you've dodged a bullet… there are still men in this world who pay every time you go out… my boyfriend insist on paying every time we go out to eat & is insulted if i even offer… chivalry has not died, so don't ever think some idiot who isn't a man can tell you any differently… don't let this guy move back in!! you've got everything to gain by doing what you did…
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So, you were paying rent on your own before he moved in, but you feel that because he moved in you shouldn't have to contribute to your household? That makes a lot of sense. You sound like the deadbeat in that relationship.
I wouldn't ask you to pay since I'd be looking at the other benefits I was getting in the relationship. He sounds like he most likely doesn't want you going to school either to improve yourself. Be careful being around someone like this. I hope you find a decent man who would see how unfair it is he would want you to pay half when you make way less money than he does. Don't ever buy into that times have changed, they only do if you get brainwashed into thinking that way. It doesn't matter if you are married or not if you pay or not. I wouldn't ever marry this guy. Keep going to school, date & find a true gentleman.
any guy who knows you work part time he knows full well you shouldn't pay half the rent. he will continue to take advantage of you, so you were right to end the relationship.
Sounds like he dodged a real bullet with you. He needs somebody who can be his partner, not his dependant.

Are you sure you kicked him out and he didnt just decide he was better off without you?

Where is your self respect? Do you want to be dependant on a man? Are you saying you will always be less than a man? That you will alwayse need a man to take care of you?

Real relationships are about taking care of each other. Not about the man taking care of a woman.

If you can afford all of the rent then you should be able to afford half. If you are doing more of the house work then he would be expected to pay a little more. If he is expected to pay all the rent you should handle all house work, have dinner and beer on the table when he gets home and give him a nightly back rub for all his hard work.

How were you paying the rent before he moved in?

Now that you've kicked him out, you'll be responsible for all of the rent and utilities, so just how have you improved matters?

Edit: You're a troll, dear, and not a very good one. Do grow up.

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Wow. First you should never live with a guy unless you're married, second you must contribute and pay half. Half is fair! It's healthy. So what if he makes more, you live there and until you're married he owes you nothing

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