Do you think that rental houses are a good investment?

say you buy the house and your rent payments are 300 bucks over what your mortgage payment is

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William C.:
You have a great idea, however, being a landlord is not an easy task. If you are ignorant of the means of being a real estate investor, you would soon be without tenants and a white elephant staring you in the face.

Most individuals think that if I purchase a property and turn it into a rental property I will live happily ever after.

In order to be a successful real estate investor you are required to educate and be knowledgeable about the real estate investment field.

#1. Books

Purchase several books on the subject of real estate investing.

Buy and read as many books as you are able in order to learn the various investment vehicles and techniques used to obtain these investment vehicles.

The books will give you ways of raising money for real estate investments, as well as an idea as to which investment you would like to pursue.

You would be able to purchase these books from your local book store as well as Amazon. You would want to keep your library current so, buying the latest books keeping abreast of the current trends would be to your

A. Distressed property

B. Foreclosure property

C. Short sales

D. Probate properties

E. Wholesaling real estate

F. Structuring the purchase of property, so as to use as, little of your money as possible. (There are many techniques in doing this. You need to learn about 2-3 that you would be successful at doing, and is able to do in your sleep.

Some of these books would have a few forms you are able to use in the buying of investment property or making a decision if you would profit by buying a property.

In some cases you might be required to edit or alter some of these forms to fit your situation.

#2. Real Estate Investment Group

Join a local real estate investment groups.


Being a part of the local real estate investment group would give you first hand knowledge of individuals that have purchased real estate investment properties. You could possibly find a mentor that would assist you in the buying of properties. The real estate investment group members would validate the information you would learn in your books.

This group would also be instrumental in informing you of alternative means of obtaining investment funds.

There are many techniques where you would need little if any of your money to purchase properties to flip or use a rental to get passive income. You would learn how to use the :subject to the existing mortgage loan, controlling the property with a few hundred dollars and wholesale it to other investors.

Making a contract that allow you to do the rehab work, and not paying on the mortgage until the rehab work is complete and you would then pay anyone you owe once it is sold.

You would have to Google for this real estate investment group followed by the city and state in which you reside and want to invest.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


that might depend on your level of income, for many years investing in rentals was good for people with other high income which they were paying lots of income taxes
now there is a $25K limit on rental losses which has mitigated some of that former mind set
it is rarely the situation that your rental price will exceed the mortgage payment but if that is the case with you you are ahead of the game
you will pay taxes on the profit you make on the rental, is that your goal
durango joe:
For rent houses to be a good investment you would need several so you are always making money.
Because some rent houses will be empty after a renter leaves.
Along with repairing any damage the renter has done to the property.
You will also have to deal with incidental repairs while the house in rented.
Big One 0909:
My wife and I are trying to rent a house right now, and they want to pry into your personals almost as much as if to buy, in some cases, even more so. Like they even want to check your criminal background ans stuff.

They want to check your credit. I am like, "If my Credit was GREAT, With interest rates this low, why would I Reant?

I can't tell if it is the property Owners doing this, or the Mgmt Co's they hire, but either way, the owners are losing revenue.

Two ways you should make money with invest properties. Monthly cash flow (put a lot of this aside to help with expenses that come up) and eventual equity growth. If your area is a growing market and if you can rent it for a positive cash flow- then yes.
On balance it's better than savings which produce little interest at present. There can be downsides to letting property and it's hard work from time to time. But property appreciates and steady rental income can provide security.
Actual Llewen:
Not in California. I know a few people in my job (Teaching) who bought property in Texas and have a Property Management company rent it out for a fee. I have a teacher friend who is making money renting out a SINGLE WIDE trailer, if you can believe it.
That small amount would not begin to pay property taxes, insurance,maintenance
and utility costs. You must also factor in the months in a year when tenants do not
pay their rent and you have court costs.
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Wayne Z:
Maybe…..maybe not.

The real question is "Do you want to be a landlord?" Being a landlord sucks quite a bit of the time.


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