DO YOU WANT your COUNTRY POLITICIANS to raise taxes or lower?

Other answer:

Tax breaks just have a short term benefit, you give the poor and middle class tax breaks the market just readjusts for the labor and they just end up making less. Hence why such inequality, tax breaks work as percentages so the wealthy always get 10 times the break as everyone else, they keep all of that adjusted income. If you look at paul ryan's tax plan, 99.6 percent of it goes too the 1%, if your not part of that group then your not really getting your tax lowered anyway, they are just conning you. To make it worse it will just cause more deficit, as it has been shown when the rich get more money they just invest more, putting more pressure on companies too generate income. They do this by laying off workers, suppressing wages, and outsourcing not too mention the deficit it creates.

Two, with more investment means more people start businesses, those tax breaks give them incentive too start them. Well let's see, if you start a new business chances are you are competing with others that have that same tax break. You have no advantage going in, that's hardly incentive.

Three, wealthy don't play games with their money, that's why such places as kickstarter had too be started, rich have no interest in long term goals when there's so much money faster too be made in other places.…

These faster companies do not need your money, but they do provide profit up front. So much for tax breaks being good for creating jobs.

Four, it's a one trick pony. You lower those taxes, it becomes nearly impossible too increase them again. It's political suicide for any party too do so. In effect you create a deficit that grows, and politicians scramble too make up the shortfalls cutting in places that are needed. Education, infrastructure, just about anything related too the welfare of the average citizen.

So no tax breaks, thank you.

From what I've seen eventually the Federal Government will have no choice to but to raise taxes or find another viable source for revenue. One thing that Hillary got right was to after the super rich. Many of them pay at a lower tax rate than I do, and I make $38,000/yr. Warren Buffett has admitted in public that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. The debt keeps getting bigger with nothing in sight to change it. They talk about cutting spending but they've cut all the fluf, as opposed to what Mr Trump says, and the only things left are sacred cows. Over the past 3 years over 200,000 Federal Workers have retired and no one has been hired to take their place yet I suspect that is the first place they will go to cut, they always do. Especially if Trump has any ideas about improving the infastructure.
I would say lower taxes because let's say you got something really good and you got the right amount of money like $15-$20 but tax comes in. What if you don't like paying tax at all? What if you just hate it? These are my reasons why tax should be lowered.

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