Do you watch this show Shark Tank?

I just love it.
Do you think these investors are smart enough to invest in smart businesses? Or they do make mistakes?

Other answer:

I use to watch it, until I did some fact checking on some of the sharks. Kevin O'Leary is a sham. He brags about how he sold his business for $4.2 billion, but what he didn't tell anybody is that 60% of his company was owned by Bain Capital (which is ran by former presidential candidate Mitt Romney). Also, as soon as Mattel bought the company, they realized the books were cooked, and ended up finding out the company was actually losing $200 million per year.

After the merger, O'Leary became President of one of their divisions, and was fired six months later.

His mutual funds have also been under fire because they bring lackluster returns, and he has been facing large redemptions out of the funds because of these bad returns. I just read that he sold the company to a Canadian company at the end of 2015.

Yes, rarely. A friend's a fan, but I had to actually fact check if these were real investors.
I don't like the investors. They have rotten personalities. Money can buy you all you want. At the point of multimillions or billions personality doesn't matter at all.


The Chair Wizard XII:
Joseph hola:
It's boring.
It's boring.
The sharks are tight azzes & don't want to Invest In anything.
Love big words:
It's pretend.
No I haven't watched yet. But Now I will see.
I did briefly but they are narcissists. I'm tired of listening to this type of person.
No, I hate Mark Cuban.
The NBA Finals:
I do as well

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