Does Aflac cover on the job injuries?

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Debra W:
Aflac is a supplemental plan – it doesn't "cover" anything the way you think of health insurance covering. Can it trigger on an on the job injury'? Quite possibly. Does it replace Workers Comp? No, not at all.
Workers Comp Insurance covers on the job injuries.
No But Combined Worksite Solutions accident plans have 24 hour coverage, so then yes….THEY would pay you directly for whatever injuries, treatments, and procedures you had done. Not to mention if you got admitted to the hospital you would also be paid for the admission and confinement for every day that you were in patient.
Michele Linder
Combined Worksite Solutions
Only if that's what you bought. At least their accident and disability is available off OR on/off job. Many agents like to set it up as off job only. I don't agree with that, but that's just my opinion. I don't believe any of the other different types of policy have an on/off job specification, but I could be forgetting one or two.

PS The reason I don't agree with that is I know of a guy struck and killed by a car ON the job. Had he paid the 14 cents more, his family would have received $25k. But, the either the agent or the employer offered off job only.

Workman's comp does.
yes, BUT the job should cover it first
your company would have to have workmans compensation insurance for that

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