Does being on a lease for an apartment hep my credit?

my credit score is 410 and my finance's is 650, can e get approved for an apartment if we make a security deposit?

Other answer:

It will help it over time but only if you pay on time every month and don't violate your lease. Otherwise, it will damage your credit even more and with your low score, you cannot afford for it to go any lower. I have never actually seen a score as low as yours. Many people have them in the 500s but, yours is something else. I doubt you would be approved anywhere after a credit check.
No. Both your credit scores are far too low to be approved for a rental apartment.
Paying all bills on time for anything,is what builds a credit score.
Renting never increases your credit score. Rent is not credit.

If you want to rent and you both qualify, be prepared to pay first months rent, last months rent and a security deposit. This will have to be paid prior to moving in.

Depends on his income. You will not be approved.
not likely

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