Does every student get a full refund check?

School Refund check

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Ryan M:
Of course not…that would be dumb and pointless. Just like everyone else, you get refunded to you EXACTLY what you are entitled to get refunded to you. Being a student DOES NOT make you special.
If you are asking if every student gets back all income taxes withheld, the answer is no. It depends on how much they make and if they are dependents. Being a student or not is irrelevant.

If you are claimed by a parent, and make up to $6300, they will refund you all your federal income tax withheld.

If you are not claimed, then the limit is $10,350 to get back all federal income tax.

You mean if you pay the tuition then withdraw from school? They give you a date by which you can withdraw and get a refund, but it may not be 100% refund.
Cathi K:
School refund? This is a tax section.
Re Vera:
Full refund of what? Taxes? No. That's not how it works.
Pascal the Gambler:
Of taxes? No. Not based on you being a student at all.
No, only if they make little enough to not pay any income ta, same as someone not a student.
Max Hoopla:
They get a check for everything they are owed.

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