Does it matter where you go for a simple tax return whether it's with turbo tax or a cpa?!?

Will I get more money from a cpa? I just work at retail and live with parents so no major purchases. I tithed my money too. I don't know if it matters.

Best Answer:

Cass: If you enter everything accurately, you'll get the same refund no matter who does it, but if you pay someone to do it, obviously you're out their fee. VERY unlikely you made enough for the tithing to change anything.

Other answer:

The CPA will charge more than TurboTax costs. So you would have less money after using the CPA.
Beverly S:
If you do your taxes on Turbo tax right and take it to a CPA you will get the same amount. Using a CPA doesn't change your tax refund.
Max Hoopla:
A CPA will charge you more but the result should be the same.
in your case go to and find free efile, yours is a simple tax return and you should not pay a CPA the huge fee he will charge you
in fact H/R is advertising that they will prepare a 1040EZ for free
your tithe will not be enough to itemize on Sch A, do the 1040EZ
there is not a difference in the refund if your return is prepared correctly, doesn't matter by whom
If it's basic then there is no reason for someone else to help you.
Pascal the Gambler:
You will pay more for a CPA to do them than the free TT return. You won't magically get more money. Donations will not matter for you.
If it's simple, there's no difference except a CPA charges a lot. If it's super simple, you could even do it yourself with a pencil and the only cost is a postage stamp.
If done correctly, a refund should be the same no matter who correctly prepares it. A CPA is likely more expensive than TurboTax so, if it really is simple, you'll net more if you do it yourself.

After Comment:
That's great dummy. Please quote for me where I said anything about the return. And it's a fact that the tax due does not change regardless of who prepares it. And as David mentioned, thousands of pages of tax code don't apply to everyone. In fact, alot of the rules apply to corporations only.

It matters a lot. A CPA will charge you an arm and a leg for no extra benefit. There are online programs that you can file with for free.

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