Does renting apartments better your credit?

Other answer:

No. Rent is not credit. It does not effect your credit in any way unless you move out without paying & that still requires the landlord to sue you.

Landlords do not report positive or negative rent payments to the credit reporting agencies. Positive rent payments keep you from getting evicted. Negative rent gets you evicted. Again – nothing to do with credit

If you pay your rent on time and that is reported to credit agency then it can help your credit by showing you do pay long term obligations in a timely manor.
No. However, your credit record can be kept in good standing by never being
late with the rent payment.
In many cases paying your rent on time would not better your credit. Most landlords have no means of reporting your rent payment to a credit bureau, nor do they want to report your paying your rent to these.

Reporting your income would be another step, your landlord would not want to take.

You might consider getting a credit card with the lowest interest you are able to find (Local credit union) (Around 9% interest rate) You are able to join your local credit union for around $25.00 which would begin your savings account.

Immediately after joining the credit union, you are able to request a debit card as well as credit card. Your credit card would be limited to your monthly earnings. You are able to increase this limit over time.

You are not trying to get in debt with using this credit card, you are trying to establish credit. In establishing credit you would want to keep the amount you charge on this credit card to be a very minimum. You are never gonna use this credit card to the maximum of it's limit

Every three months your credit card would increase and you would establish credit.

Since you have joined the credit union, you might consider adding about $500.00 to your savings account. Once you have established this amount of money in your savings account, you are able to use these funds as collateral in borrowing money from the credit union. You might borrow $150.00 to $200.00 and repay this loan as agreed.

Again over three months you would have established your credit with the using the credit card issued by your credit union and by borrowing from your credit union using you savings as collateral.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Beverly S:
No. Rent is not reported to the credit bureaus (unless you don't pay).
No. Rent is not credit.
No. It is not credit.
Pascal the Gambler:
only if your landlord reports the payments to the credit bureau and you pay on time, Most do not
Not really. You're not borrowing money and paying it back.

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