Does the bank typically ask for permission before they close your bank account due to inactivity?

Other answer:

No they do not. Often times when an account is inactive it is because the owner has forgotten about it. The bank will generally just close it down.
What I've noticed is that there is an inactivity fee that is charged until your balance is zero.
no they are in charge of that account you are legally lending the bank money when you deposit it is theirs to do as they wish in 2008 they did and lost it and we all paid it back who had nothing to do with it at all and they got their bonuses and went home
Mr burns:
No they closed mine one time but that was when I was younger and was late on fees very minor gym payment issues and they didn't let me know a thing.
Ryan M:
You ALREADY agreed to let them do that in the fine print when you opened your account.
if you have no funds in the account and you have not used it, they can close it at their discretion, they likely will contact you first but not required
They usually ssend out a notice, but not always.
nope.. they just close it

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