Does the time of day matter when ordering from Amazon?

Will it affect the time of day that the package will arrive? I usually see a UPS or FedEx delivery truck in my neighborhood around 1pm.
For a regular free shipping by Amazon delivery, what time of day should I order? so that it is likely to arrive in the morning or afternoon

Best Answer:

Texperson: Yes. Each carrier has a time they pick up from the Amazon warehouses. So depending on their pu time your item could ship that day if ordered early with prime shipping, or the next day if ordered later in the day.

Other answer:

Are you asking if UPS and FEDEX have fixed daily delivery schedules everywhere in the world? Uh… no. It depends on where you live, butcha don't say if you live on Alaska's north slope. It depends on the type of delivery that was paid for… like guaranteed next day delivery, butcha don't say what kind of delivery. I think it's obvious… but only if you think about it.
Yes, they normally ship the last of their order around 7:00pm.

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