Does wearing a solid red tie or solid blue tie give the impression that you are for one political party or the other…?

to your boss or interviewer?

If I wear a solid red tie to a job interview and the boss happens to be a Democrat, would it be taken that I am very opposed to his or her party, and I lose the job?

Other answer:

Red = Liberal Party.
Blue = Conservative Party. (Or simile, e.g, Yukon Party.)
Orange = New Democratic Party.
Green = Green Party.

I am working for the Yukon election this coming Monday, and these are colours we are not supposed to wear, as we are supposed to reflect political neutrality. However, wearing a solid colour generally is seen as a fashion choice.

Yes, everything you wear to an interview sends a message. Ties are often used to do that, so you should avoid either color, no matter what your political views.
If you want the job, wear some other color. Be careful what that does convey, but red or blue are dangerous.
West Ham:
I would wear something other than red or blue.
It could. So it would be sensible to avoid the danger, minor though it might be.

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