Does your boss get mad at you when you use a sick day?

I just got back from vacation and took 2 sick days. I had to I had a fever of 101 and a super sore throat. Not to mention that I work in a kitchen. Now my cold is almost better and there is something wrong with my foot and I can barely stand on it. I need to take another sick day but am nervous

Other answer:

No. Fortunately I have a job where I don't even have to talk to my boss about sick days. She can get mad if she wants, but according to my contract, there's nothing she can do about it.
You're going to piss the chef off there are a ton of guys he can hire who can't even afford to go on vacation and aren't going to be calling in sick cause of a cold and sore foot if the chef is a good guy and sees you shouldn't be there he'll send you home
Yes but I don't care as long as you're not abusing your sick leave.
My health comes first the company will keep going when we're dead and gone so self care first.
Only if you work at a miserable minimum-wage job, like at Walmart or McDonalds, where even the supervisors are ignorant high school dropouts with no education or professional experience. If you work in such a job, and you have no greater ambition, good luck for your miserable future.
Wayne Z:

However, many employers seem to have the attitude that sick days should never be used.

when someone is out it means the boss has to make other arrangements for your job, maybe taking someone from another position to do your job or maybe even himself
it he suspects you are faking it when having returned from a two week vacation, he has every right to be angry
Bipin Kumar TRPL:
Yes always he react very hard. When i sick
Sugar Skull:
I don't have a boss

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