Does your race matter when you are buying house?

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loanmasterone: Currently the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) making it illegal to prevent a person from purchasing a house based on the race of an individual.

Race should never into the picture of a person purchasing a house.

A person could be sued for racial discrimination. You could be fined for racial discrimination and a judgement issued against you for a lot of money for damages caused by discrimination.

Normally in today's climate it would race would not matter as this is a new generation of citizen that grew up with different ideas.

Of course there might be a few hardliners. still around, however, within the general population this is no longer a problem.

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Other answer:

In the USA if anyone discriminates against you based on race when buying a house then they have broken a law. What would actually happen would depend on what proof there is.
If you simply feel uncomfortable in the neighborhood and decide to buy somewhere else then that is up to you. What exactly do you mean when you say "does your race matter"? Are you talking about people discriminating or you feeling comfortable or something else?
It shouldn't but it probably does. For example, if I were to buy a house there are parts of town I wouldn't even consider looking at because mostly blacks live there and it has the highest crime rates in the city. I also wouldn't consider moving to a heavily Latino neighborhood for the same reason. Too much crime, too many drive-by shootings and murders.

Otherwise it depends upon the owner and the realtor.

It should not but probably it does so. Usually it does not matter because new generation are grown up with different ideas.
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only if you're racing other people for the same house…
Suzy pickles:
Yes if the owner doesn't like you then you're screwed
Why would it? Income, credit and background records are the main concern
of lenders.
No more or less than anything else, if you have the money generally the seller wants to sell to you
Ha-ha-ha-ha! Forgive me. I can't stop laughing.

You are from earth, aren't you?


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