Double $100 ?

I have $100 what would be a good way to make $100 into more ? I don't care if it's by $5 more or $10 more I need to make profit I'm only 17 and need to save up till I'm 18 to trade stocks.

Other answer:

Serious answer: Invest in a rake and do some fall yard cleanups.

Anything that makes you think you can "flip" money for a quick double – is a SCAM.

I recommend that you think about investing in stocks long term rather than short term trading. Your question makes me think you have been reading lots of get-rich-quick nonsense. Don't believe that a novice is going to just start taking money from experienced professionals because of some youtube video.

Buy something that you can then sell for more money. Buy a carton of Girl Scout cookies and take them to a party where people have the munchies. Sell them for $1 each. You won't be popular, but you will make money.
save the $100, get a job

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