Employer mistake in calculating holiday entitlement pay?

If an employer makes a mistake in calculating holiday entitlement pay and allows you too much, is it legal to make the employee work a certain number of hours completely unpaid to even out the mistake that they themselves made?

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Girlie Electrics: You either repay the money or allow the holiday accruing from now on to make up for the overpayment.
They CANNOT withhold pay from hours you are working.

Call ACAS if they want to take it out of your pay packet

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Girlie Electrics:
Give me a break.

If you made a mistake and overpaid someone for a service, you'd just say, "Oh well. I was stupid enough to write out that check for $300 more than it should have been. Because it was my mistake the person who I paid is legally entitled to keep it."

People make mistakes. Most mistakes can be corrected. This is one of them. They overpaid you. You're just as responsible as your employer for making certain that your paychecks are correct. The mistake is on you just as much as the employer.

Stop trying to get over on people. Your life will be better. You won't have to go through life looking for the next scam and you'll develop a reputation for honesty, which you don't have now.

if someone gives you too much change,
or any payment that is not due to you …. . you are NOT entitled to keep it – are you ?

It is not yours !

So choices are:
– reduce your next pay packet by the excess paid 'in advance'
– let you keep your normal pay packet (as expected) and you work some overtime to make up the advance.

your call..

Casey Y:
Or, they can require that you repay it upfront instead. I imagine this was requested and you declined.

You could probably walk away from the job with the extra cash and the employer likely wouldn't follow…


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