FOR SALE BY OWNER. Do you have any advice or tips on selling your house yourself? The more helpful tips the better. Thank you.?

Other answer:

CLEAN EVERYTHING. Clean it all. Remove old and stained carpets, clean the blinds, remove the drapes. Clean the fireplace and pay the chimney guy. Touch up or paint grungy areas. Bleach the countertops from the grunge in the grout tile. Clean and scrub the bathroom fitures and scrub that floor. Clean out the garage and basement and empty them out and scrub down the floors. A "Fixer-upper" is still a "Fixer-upper", but getting rid of the grunge and dirt will get you a higher price. Fix leaky faucets, clean off the roof, clean out the rain gutters, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, and pressure-wash the windows and screens. There is dirty, there is "Fixer-upper". and then there is "paintable". We avoided houses where the amount of work needed to move in would clearly take more than 90 days. So we did not buy the house with clear evidence of wall mold, a deck that needed a complete sanding down and refinish, and holes in the kitchen wall that needed plastering. We avoided the house that had all the appliances ripped out from the wall that damaged the connections to the plumbing and gas. We bought the house that needed paint and could have cosmetic fixes be repaired over time. We still have to replace all the interior doors and redo the second bathroom and install new cabinets and sink in the laundry room, but at the time of move-in we only needed to buy a new refrigerator. Everything else was at least clean enough to move in. So Clean it and let the new owners paint what they don't like. Good luck!
Without real estate experience and knowledge of recent scams, don't even
consider such an escapade.
old man on the hill:
yes – get a good realtor. way to much legal bull sh*t involved to do it yourself

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