For what offenses can the HOA make you sell and move out for?

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it depends on what it says in your hoa agreement…
Any violation allows them to fine you, lien the house, and foreclose on the house if you fail to pay. Read your HOA's Rules & Regs. You were given a copy before you bought the home and you knew that you were buying into an HOA and had to follow their rules.
Read your status certificate which states all the rules and regulations which
are clearly listed for the peace and enjoyment of all owners.
Any contravening of anything on the list,gives the HOA the right to require you
to sell and move out, or they will arrange it and carry it out themselves.
Each association is different. You would need to look at your CC&R and By-laws as to what the rules and bylaws would require you to do.

Your association would is never allowed kick you out. By you not following the guidelines of the CC&T and by-laws you could be fined or informed that you have violated the CC&R's.

If you do not take the necessary corrective, the HOA would sue you in court for violation of the CC&R's. A court order would instruct you to comply or the HOA is able to take additional legal action against you.

If the legal action involve money and you fail to pay the amount requested by the HOA, you may be foreclosed on for the amount you owe.

Your failure to pay this amount could be reason for the foreclosure to be completed with you being legal ousted from the condo, townhouse or what other property you might own that is governed by the HOA.

Normally this is a drastic measure. If you follow the guidelines this would not be an option.

You know from the very beginning that you are governed by the HOA CC&R's as well as the by-laws, why would you chose to purchase a property governed by a HOA?

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


if you fail to pay the association dues to the point that is beyond repair, you continually do not comply with the association rules and becomes more than casual occurences
Casey Y:
Tough to force you to sell, they usually fine people. Anything would be included in the by-laws…read them.
Non compliance can lead to liens and depending on the HOA legal structure they may be able to foreclose on the liens.
Spock (rhp):
read the CC&Rs … they're listed in there.

most HOAs can't actually do that … but they sure can make your life there miserable.

Whatever you agreed to in the bylaws when you decided to buy into the development.

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