Friend got call saying they got reward for paying phone bills on time they asked questions to verify info is it a scam?

She didn t give info(ex: phone number, address) they had it already they asked how they wanted her reward in English or Spanish

Other answer:

Yes, it's a scam. A reward for paying a bill on time? LOL

Your 'friend' just gave their personal information to a complete stranger. Be prepared to have your identity stolen.

This is a scam. This is a BIG SCAM. Your friend could lose all of her money and worse.

I stress the 'AND WORSE'.

Don't EVER give any personal info out over the phone to anybody, even if Trump calls you directly…
your taxes are a scam Trump doesn't pay them it's all a joke dear they say there is no proof of jesus or god there is no proof there is an honest human put money in the mix you have dishonesty with proof
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