Give me examples of transactions a bank would charge sales and use tax on.?

Other answer:

Banks rarely charge "Sales or Use" Taxes, except for printing checks.
They charge "Service Fees"
[*] Transaction fees for using a real human Teller
[*] Transaction fee for using another Banks ATM.
[*] Transaction fee for Checking Accounts (processing each check).
[*] Transaction fee Monthly for Maintaining a Savings, or Checking Account.
[*] Minimum balance or Lack of transactions fee for a Checking Account (and some savings accounts)
[*] Checks. (printing of checks and deposit slips, usually provided by a third party.) This will contain a Sales Tax.
[*] Credit or Debit Card services.
[*] Electronic Transfers monies.
[*] Foreign Currency Exchange or Transfer.
[*] Electronic Direct Deposit.
[*] Overdrawn Account Fee.
[*] Returned Check Fee. (may also add it to Overdrawn fee).
[*] Certified (Bank Check) fee.
A sale of taxable merchandise to a buyer in your state.
Any product the bank sells that qualifies to be taxed. If you pay for checks you order from the bank, a item that advertises the bank, perhaps
a safety deposit draw you rent, if they charge for signing as a Notary Public, any service they offer for which tax is charged.