Got a text to say I won a Tesco gift card through wowcher. Only thing is I need to get the app and sign up, is this legit?

Other answer:

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Dan B:
Not sure. Usually, you'll only get these things if you do something to cause you to win it. Did you enter a contest or sign up for the card? I would approach this offer with caution. They're in it to make money as any business would be doing.
if you have never signed up to wowcher before and you have just got a random email from them, it is possible its not them. be careful it could be a scam or if you click any links they could give you viruses. you could also google or look on wowchers actual page to see if the voucher is on their legit website too
Wayne Z:
No. It is a SCAM.

Just ignore it and hit [Delete].


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