Has anyone got approved for really bad credit for cosmetic surgery?i got denied for everything under the sun and im desperate lol?

i have applied for every finance company who claims to work with bad credit,i am rebuilding my credit but want to get work done asap for a special event, anyone has any tips or tricks on getting approved or getting your surgery ?
thanks in advance

Other answer:

Any loan for cosmetic surgery is considered "unsecured" since there is nothing the lender can repossess if you fail to pay — which is why such a loan is difficult to get, especially if you have bad credit and have had previous problems with your finances.
Yes, someone has, but you can't now.

Because you have applied for every finance company who claims to work with bad credit, you cannot get approved now.

The trick to getting approved is to apply to only one company, and then stop, immediately.

There is no trick that will allow you to get approved immediately after applying to so many places.

The trick to getting approved after so much applying is to stop, apply nowhere for over a year, and then after you have not applied anywhere in over a year, apply in only one place.

Trivial One:
Honestly, if you have to borrow for cosmetic surgery, you can't afford cosmetic surgery.

It's difficult to get credit for a medical procedure because it's an unsecured loan. If you don't pay the loan back, they can't take the surgery back, like they can your furniture, or car, or house. Generally, to get an unsecured loan you need to show the finance company that you are very likely to pay them back. A bad credit history tells them that you are unlikely to pay them back.

Since it's elective surgery, you won't get approved with bad credit.
Dan B:
Cosmetic surgery is not essential in most instances, including yours. If it was medically necessary, you probably would have been approved.
If you can't pay cash for it, you don't need it

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