Has anyone had experience with a company called addvantageusa? is it real?

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?: who are these trolls? i did not pay $79 to join. i got credit (and i've had a hard time with that since i lost a job three years ago and tanked my credit). i bought perfume and a rug. it was all good. i would recommend this company to anyone, but especially people like me.

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Their prices weren't the best but they did what they said they would do. I am paying monthly notes on 3 knives, a set of pots and pans and a samsung tablet. It shows up on my credit reports and I didn't have to put anything down. One thing that really surprised me was how quick the products came. I have ordered from finger hut before and it took almost 2 weeks for the item to arrive.
I think it's great! It was easy. I got what I wanted, delivered to my front door. Monthly payment for my stuff is very reasonable. In fact it isn't as much as the service fees for some of the crappy cards I've had in the past.
It's a real company aimed at suckers!
Calling it credit is a stretch, it's really a store with their own credit card like system that's only good for buying their stuff, which you may find to not be competitively priced.

"Credit accounts are not activated until an Accountholder has made a purchase of $300.00 or more"

"Retail purchases require a down payment of fifty percent"
(Blue and Gold accounts have lower down requirements)

"10% late fee for payments over 10 days late"

The terms and conditions refer to it as "Buyers Club" which is more accurate than calling it a lender.

I sure wouldn't use anything that charged a $79 fee to join.

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