Have you heard of saying "what goes up must come down" Can I get a refund on my Chinese lanterns on ebay?

Other answer:

What do the lanterns' geographical location have to do with a refund?

I'm not arguing your philosophical position that what goes up must come down. I just don't see physical elevation as something directly related to item price.

Yes, I've heard of that saying. As for your refund, you would have to ask the people you bought them from, NOT random users of Yahoo Answers.
Yeah. 30 day return policy on ebay mate.
Max Hoopla:
Chinese lanterns are not taxed by IRS.
Bostonian In MO:
It won't affect your taxes either way.

As to your question, you'll have to ask the seller. eBay does not sell goods, they only bring sellers and buyers together.

not without a valid reason

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