Health care cost USA?

Say if I went to America, broke my hand how much would that cost?

What would happen if someone fell of their motor bike, broke their legs and arms and couldn't afford the health service

Other answer:

The cost depends where you go. If you go to an Emergency Room you must have insurance or pay a few hundred to a thousand or more. So you have to go to a county clinic or hospital walk-in clinic if you are not insured. There is no health service. You have to buy insurance. Thats the law.
It doesn't cost anything to break your hand. How much it costs to have ti fixed, depends on what needs to be done – just a cast? Surgery? Physical therapy?

If someone injured themselves severely, they still get medical services – but they get a bill for it, also – it can ruin their credit. Some of the services – like physical therapy – could be hard to get, as most physical therapists don't want to work for free.

For the broken hand, if you went to an urgent care, a doctor's regular office, or nearly anywhere except a hospital emergency room/department, then approximately twice (two times) as much as in another other country. If you went to a hospital emergency room/department, then approximately ten times as much as nearly anywhere else in the U.S., so approximately 20 times as much as in other countries.

For the motorcycle accident, you would need a hospital emergency room/department, so approximately 20 times as much as in other countries.

There is no blanket answer on cost. If you're asking whether you should travel here without travel health insurance…the answer is no.
"Broken arms," etc., don't have fixed price costs. It depends on what medical care you receive.

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