Hello all! I am trying to SEO my website www.50shadesofgreen420.com a Portland Marijuana Dispensary. Should I submit a site map to google?

And if so how do I do it? I am having a hard time understanding how I am supposed to

Other answer:

Site maps are not that important for sites with a few pages, it's a bigger issues for enterprise sites with thousands of pages.

If you indeed have a physical store location, getting a Google local listing is vitally important They send you a postcard to verify you exist at that street address, then provide you a page.

Here's an SEO primer by an authority

Putting your link here does little good, since they are all tagged noFollow.

Yes, it is very important. Sitemap provides the details of all web pages of your website to Google. This is also a part of SEO and also helpful in increasing your blog traffic.
Google, Yahoo, Bing… They all need a sitemap to crawl your website. Without it your page will stay invisible to anyone running searches.
yes, and posting here didnt hurt either
but I suppose you know that already or wouldnt have put your url in question.

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