Hello im here for advice on investing stocks all i know the longer you invest the safer it is i want to be the next warren Buffett?

thank you all for the advice much love to you all

Best Answer:

?: Most individual investors should invest in index funds and not individual stocks. You can invest in an index through exchange traded funds like SPY (tracks the S&P 500) or the DIA (Which tracks the dow jones)., By investing in the S&P 500 the risks are distributed over 500 companies instead of only one company. One company can go bankrupt (as general motors did). 500 companies won't go bankrupt. Statistics show that 85% of professional stock investors won't be the performance of the S&P index. The most important decision to make is how to allocate your assets between stock funds, bond funds, real estate (REITS). The distribution is based on how much risk you want to accept. Generally, the higher returns are expected from high risk allocations (long term).

Other answer:

It's never "safer" in the long run. The passage of time increases the probability that your stock is worth more than you paid for it but it's never safer. It can drop 10-20% overnight at any time of you don't watch it on a regular basis. General Motors – bailed out. Sears? Kodak? Xerox? United Airlines? Citibank?

You need to diversify into a dozen or more stocks, watch them daily or weekly and get out and reinvest your money the momemnt you think the company is no longer the company you invested in and it disappoints you for the second time… misses earnings twice..companies are like people – they change over time and can stop being your friend.

Buy high quality stocks and hold forever.
best advice I was ever given… BUY LOW and SELL HIGH you can't lose money that way
long term is key

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