Help I get my ebt food on the 5th but don't have a lot of food today. .? No money?

I get my ebt on the 5th but it's only 99.00 . Which never lasts the whole month, I have no additional money to put in the budget. But today is the 3rd and I barely have any food help

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Mortal Dimunitive:
Churches have been known to do emergency food drives with the congregation to save people
Hunger is a great motivator, use it to find work.
You should do what I do. I call it "End-of-month survival soup." I save up what I consider staples- egg noodles, some kind of canned meat- chicken, Spam, and canned or frozen vegetables and then I also freeze about 4-6 slices of bread. Boil some water and put about half a bag of egg noodles in. Brown meat chunks in a frying pan and then toss them in a bowl and heat with the veggies in the microwave. You can season them now or later when you re eating. When the egg noodles are done to your preference, take them off the heat and drain mostly. Leave a little of the cooking water then pour the noodles into a large covered plastic container (66 ounces is good) Add the heated veggies to the noodles and mix if desired, or let them remain on top- it s up to you. You can also make a white sauce from some of the meat drippings- flour, milk, drippings and butter (if desired). This soup lasts me for about three (3) days until my EBT funds come in.
The other option if the weather is good- Go to WalMart or some big store like that and look for the end-of-aisle food sample giveaways. If you bounce back and forth between there and some other store in the mall you can usually get enough free food to take the edge off. Hope this helps. I know the end of month can be rough, sometimes.
well go to the food bank.