Help me name my business?

Its a small craft store specializing in silk floral arrangements, small refurbished unique furniture, keepsakes, and primitives. I originally wanted to call it Kates Krafty Keepsakes but that doesn't incorporate the floral end and I'm not sure about the triple K. Please help.

Other answer:

You could just call it "Kate's" to get going, since you are allowed to use your name for your business without any trademarking. You can add the DBA (doing business as) later when you decide on a name that makes you happy. The triple K will be problematic, so I'd suggest choosing a different name.
(Kate's Silk Flowers and More, Kate's Unique Decoration Boutique, Hey Kate! – I'm sure you'll come up with something else you like)
Pork-chop of Doom:
Unless you are a heavily-fortified & armed White Supremacist, "KKK" is probably not such a great name…..someone will firebomb your business sooner or later!
Little Of Everything.
Yes. Stay away from the triple 'K'.

My girlfriend suggests 'Kraft Kitten'

Brian Mcilwee:
'Sew You Want to be Crafty'

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