Hi guys.Quite simple question. What address should I put on invoice if I work as a freelanceer from home?

I don't like the idea of using my home address on invoice. I don't even think it's a good practice.
Any explanation welcome:)

Other answer:

The point of an address on the invoice is to provide a place to send the payment, or a way to contact the biller if there's a question or a problem.Use whatever address you're having them send the payment to. If you do only direct-deposit, wire transfer, credit card or PayPal payments, then use only your email address.
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Get a business address (UPS/Kinko's and other shipping businesses offer such services), or use a PO Box. If you receive packages, you'll need a physical address for deliveries.
You could obtain a PO box used solely for business, and list that as your address:

John Doe
PO Box 123
City, State 01234

Casey Y:
The address where you want your money sent.

Get a PO Box if you want to appear more professional.

If you don't want to use your home address, rent a PO Box.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
You could use a P.O. box number. personally I would not trust a business that did not give a proper address. I would wonder what they have to hide.
Donald B:
You can get a P.O address or go to Mailboxes and get an address.
There are mail forwarding companies and postal boxes with her Majesty's Royal Mail.
get a post office box

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