Hi, I got 2000000 from my brother. Is it taxable in state of virginia????? Thank You?

Other answer:

That would depend on why you got the money.

If it was a try bona fide gift, it is tax free to you. However, he would be required to file a gift tax return.

If you did anything to earn this money, then it is taxable.

Max Hoopla:
Gifts are not taxable.
not to you if this was a gift
if you are operating a business and your brother had you do some work for him which he paid you for yes you report this on your business return
What was it for? Gift? Inheritance? Work you did for him? Buying out your share of something you had owned together, and if so what?
Pork-chop of Doom:
Yes……HE will pay a Gift Tax (at his prevailing Income tax rate) on anything over $13,000 he gives you, payable the year he gives it to you…..

So HE will owe roughly $560,000 in additional Income taxes to the State for the year….


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