Hi i have a best buy credit card?

i only open my best buy credit when i bought our new tv paid it off in 5 months. And i am not planning on using it, does your credit score affects it by not using your credit card?

Other answer:

your credit score is constantly changing. if you use credit and pay it off on time, your score goes up. if you never use it, it slowly goes down over time. if you pay late, it goes down faster.
honestly, i try never to buy anything unless i have enough money. you can fall in deep debt too easily…
it will show as Available credit on your credit report, and balance of zero
My name is not bruce:
They may stop reporting your balance, so the benefits of having a lown Balance go away.
Just use it every few months and pay it off immediately.
not using it does NOT hurt you. CLOSING the account will decrease your credit score

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