Hi, I'm so confused about the tax penalty!?

If I make under $20,000 a year, will I still be penalized? We're a family of 4, I'm a single mom with 3 kids. 2 of them are covered through their father, the other is an adult under my roof. I was quoted $750 a month for coverage and told I make to much for Medi-cal (not that I want to be on it)

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Melinda B:
Your adult child is not considered your dependent (unless still in college), but a 'qualifying relative" if you meet the requirements. However, he/she should be responsible for his/her own insurance and income taxes.

It may be possible to claim a hardship when filing your taxes and be exempt from paying the tax penalty.

A family of 4 can make almost $34K per year and still qualify for welfare in those states that expanded Medicaid, such as California. However, you would need to add the income of your children so maybe that's why you don't currently qualify.
I can't imagine with the adult child working 2 days a week and your income being $20,000, that (if) you did not qualify for Medi cal, that you should at least get a sizable subsidy on this $750?

Please talk to an agent/broker to find out if in fact you qualify for a subsidy to "maybe" bring down this number to 1/2 at least?

This is a case where you need to go to a professional who can interview you and see if you are exempt from the penalty. Let me assume the adult child is not your dependent. I assume you have no insurance, so in the worst case your penalty would be $695.
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2% of your annual income is the penalty
probably. but why is the adult not working?