Hi, there's a condominium in my complex with a bad squatter problem. I contacted the real estate manager, and he refuses to get them out.?

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It sounds like the building is not abandoned at all, so how can they be squatters? They cannot and are not squatters. If the managers doesn't mind allowing people to live there rent-free, that's his business.
Bostonian In MO:
The HOA manager is powerless to do anything. This is a matter for the condos OWNER to deal with. If he's OK with squatters in his unit, that's the end of the matter.
Only the owner or the owners representative (manager) can throw them out. If the manager won't do it, contact the owner and ask for them to be thrown out.
If that doesn't work, report to the code enforcement department of your city or country, that people living in apartments that don't meet codes. They will cite the owner for allowing people to live there. Be careful, using this solution, it can result in your apartment being inspected and if it doesn't meet code you will have to move.
and you know they are squatters, how? obviously they are allowed to be there if the manager will not do anything about it, you are not privy to their books where income and expenses are reported so how you know they ar squatters is beyond me
I don't blame him for not wanting to come back on the property – he had an encounter which caused him to pull a gun on somebody. The other guy did not have any weapon, and ran away, and now he's been arrested for something else. So he's gone, but the RE manger still won't come back on property, and he's the only one who can do something. It seems to me the RE manager should bow out so that another RE company can come in and do something, or hire another company to come and get them out. Is there anything I can do?
Casey Y:
If they aren't doing anything about it, plan to move.

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