Homeowners insurance & landlord insurance?

If I have homeowners insurance then I decide to rent the property out, do I have to keep my homeowners insurance and also get landlord insurance or will I just need landlord insurance? Thanks..
Also if I change my insurance to landlord insurance will my lender notice

Other answer:

Your homeowner's insurance will not cover any claims if you are not living there and are renting the property out. So if there is a fire you are way out of luck; they'll just thumb their nose at you.

You need to obtain an all-risk fire insurance policy on the property (naming your mortgage lender as a loss payee if you still have a mortgage on the house), and also a comprehensive general liability policy to protect yourself from claims of injury or damage.

These policies are going to cost you a bit more than a homeowner's policy, but you have to have the correct coverage or you will not get paid on any claim.

Further, insist that your tenant obtain renter's insurance (similar to a homeowner's policy) and that you receive a certificate of insurance from their agent (no cost to them or you for this). It is pretty cheap coverage and completes the whole deal. If you already have a tenant there on a lease, you can't demand it now but you can make it a condition of renewing the lease when it comes up for renewal. Just be sure to give your tenant plenty of notice so they know about this change.

You need to have just the landlord insurance. You do not have the option to keep homeowner's insurance if you aren't living in the home.
Update: Also if I change my in
No, a homeowners policy is ONLY for homes that are occupied by the titled owner. You'd buy a "dwelling fire" policy, sometimes called a landlord policy. It's more ala carte coverage, where you can add the liability if you want, but you don't have to; you can add some contents if you want, but you don't have to; you can add loss of rents if you want, but you don't have to.

You can't "change" the policy this way – you have to cancel the homeowners policy, and buy a new dwelling fire policy. Yes, your lender will notice – but they probably won't care.

Linda R:
Home owners insurance is exactly as it states…..'home owner's insurance'.
If you are renting – then you need to buy 'Renter's Insurance'.
You need to CHANGE your coverage to a policy that covers non-owner occupied property. You don't keep the homeowner's policy.
Max Hoopla:
You would need to insure yourself for things the tenant doesn't own.
you need both

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