How are companies able to talk smack about their competitors in commercials?

For example, the way Windows uses Siri to admit that Windows tablets are better than the iPad

Other answer:

One thing, Ads
When you think of it right, the person they are talking smack about is getting there logo on the commercial, even though it isn't talking nice it is still on there! They may also having a contract in which they can use it for that purpose!
As long as they are only using indisputable facts they generally can't be successfully sued. Though most companies would rather avoid getting into advertising wars.

In 1984 Apple was competing with the IBM PC, one commercial simply showed how much smaller their user manual was.

In 1981, 5 year old Sarah Michelle Gellar was in a Burger King commercial which resulted in her being Banned for life from McDonalds, who's lawsuit failed.…

They aren't allowed actually but they still do it indirectly. Here in India Colgate n pepsodent go head to head about each other on TVs even speaking the name.
Yahoo Man:
I meant to say how are they able to talk smack about their competitors without being sued?

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