How bad does it look to give your 2 weeks notice when angry, then take it back 2 days later when you haven't been employed vary long?

Best Answer:

Richard: That would depend on the attitude of your employer. He might be grateful that you are leaving and not be willing to allow you to rescind your resignation. On the other hand, he may welcome you back. Talk to him to find out.

Other answer:

It all depends on your employer's attitude and the circumstances. If you've been a great employee and it would leave a big hole if you left, he might give you second chance. If you've been slacking off and running around with a big attitude, don't hold your breath.

Hopefully you learned the lesson that you can't go snapping off at someone just because they expect a lot out of you and hold you accountable for your actions. The people who care most about you and your future will be the hardest on you.

The employer will probably not let you take back your notice. They are within their rights.
You better not use that place as a reference!
I wouldn't let you back in the building. if you haven't been there very long you are VERY EASILY REPLACED. The people there probably do not even remember your name.
Barry A:
Pretty bad.
I had an employee try this stunt with me.
I refused to let them take back the notice, and had them escorted out within the hour.
It makes you look like an immature fool.
Once you give notice, you can't take it back unless your employer lets you.