How can I become a airline CEO in Canada or make or build a airline like newleaf or westjet?

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You either need a great deal of money. I mean, a Richard Branson level of money.

Or you need to work your way up the business ladder. Start off with a business degree. Excel and exceed continuously. Work in the aviation sector and climb the ladder. Even then, you will need to have a great deal of skill, a great deal of charm, and – let's be honest – a fair dose of luck.

First, u either have lots of money (millions of dollars) or go to a really famous university like harvard, yale, MIT and have relationships with rich investers in Manhattan, NY.
You can dream –
That is as far as you will go….

First thing, try to graduate from high school –
That is what all kids of 15 have to do –

Pilsner Man:
Become extremely wealthy.

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