How can I become a millionaire within weeks?

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"How can I become a millionaire within weeks?"

Get a job earning $30,000 a year, but only spend $20,000 a year, and invest the rest in a well diversified stock portfolio, which should earn an annual return of 10%. Inflation will increase your salary and spending by 3% a year. You'll be a millionaire after about 24 years. That's within weeks. About 1,252 weeks, to be specific.

Here's a variation on an old saying: One way to end up with one million dollars in one week is to start out with 2 million and blow/lose/waste/squander 50% of it.
As for starting with absolute zero dollars and accumulating a million of them in 7 days, anything is possible, but that rapid acquisition calls for a huge windfall of luck. At least it's nice – and free – to hope.
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Win the lottery or marry a millionaire.
Rob a bank is the only way. You'll save a lot of money, too, because jail is very economical.
Buy a winning lottery ticket.
Work hard and even two jobs. Set goals and find good financial investor
Blow 1000 guys for $1000a pop. Do ten guys a day, and you should be done upwards of 2-3 years. You're welcome.
That would be pretty hard to do considering how much a million is

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