How can I find housing if I am disabled and can't get a job?

I'm looking for jobs online and all of them require me to sit down or stand up for a long time. I can't do that, I'm disabled. Is there a way I can get housing for someone that can't work?
I applied for disability and got denied. I think it was because of my age. I'm 25.

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I have found that a lot of people can find at least part time jobs. Talk to someone that can give you guidance toward something that will work for you. Whatever your disability is seek out an organization for that disability and they can help you. Government and church do not provide much help in long term housing and the few places that help a small amount are usually not very pleasant.
You can't. Subsidized housing is for people with "low" income, not for people with "no" income. That is why it is known as "low income" housing. You need to be working full time and making under the limit set by the state. Since you are looking for a job, it sounds like you are able to work but, you are having trouble finding a job suitable – one where you can move around a bit, sit and stand throughout the day. If you are truly disabled, as defined under the ADA, you might be entitled to benefits. My gut tells me you do not qualify.
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Subsidized housing once you have legally been declaired disabled and if you live long enough to get into one of the few openings. Waiting list are often over a year.
your being 25 is not the reason you can't get disability, obviously if you have been examined you are NOT disabled enough, age has nothing to do with it
as my daughter's husband was told, he has two hands, two eyes, two ears and a brain, so altho his back was injured he was not disabled
Rather than rule things out – why not figure out what you can do and work from there?

Just being 'disabled' doesn't mean there's no work you can do.

in the US, you need to be on SSI/SSDI and get onto the section 8 or other low income housing wait list….for some programs you pay 30% of your income to rent….most wait lists are closed, even once you get on, it could take years.

if you can work and are not eligible for SSI/SSDI, then you need to get to vocational rehab and get help getting a job that is compatible with your disabilities.

You get into public housing.
Have you applied for disabiliy?

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