How can I invest?

What's the easiest way to invest ?

Other answer:

Yard sales.
you can invest your money in many segment but share market is very good place for making money in less time, you can invest your money two ways in share market one is intraday and second is future.
Bipin Kumar TRPL:
You can invest in stock market where you can get lot of huge money and there are no risk .
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tiescore: hsa the easiest, low cost way to start building stock positions I've found. Its a limited list but a good starting point.
Open a brokerage account with a minimum investment. Go from there.
Easiest way to invest is in SIP. The investment amount is between INR 500 – Lakhs in different schemes.
Note*- Mutual Funds are subject to market risk
Do proper research before investing in Mutual Funds.
go to and open a brokerage account
transfer money from your checking account to new account
go to and pick one of thousands (literally) of investments and click on "trade"