How can i save up money without trying to spend it?

Everytime i try to save up money i end up spending it. Even if i dont have nothing to spend it on, i end up buying stuff i dont even need. Any tips ???

Best Answer:

Priscilla: Put it away. I earn a certain amount a week. Whatever I don't spend that week, I put away. So I only have 25$ to spend until every Monday. If I spent 12, that goes away in a secret droor and I start fresh with 25$. If I spend the whole 25, I suck it up and wait until I get paid again.

A bank account would also help as you won't be going to get money out of it every day unless you seriously have a problem. It's not worth the time of constantly with drawling money to buy stupid things, so you'll be more likely to not touch it.

Other answer:

Put the money you intend to save in a place where you can't easily spend it. A bank account without a debit card might work. You won't be able to just whip the card out and pay. You'll have to actually go to the bank and get money out of that account.
Put the money you want to save in a savings account without an attached debit or ATM card in one bank and your money for expenses in a checking account at another bank. Not just another branch of the same bank. The harder it is to get at you money the easier it is to save.
Linda R:
Go to your bank, apply for a Safety Deposit Box and put your money in there.
Beverly S:
Yeah. Don't spend it. That is the only option.

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